Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Multi-room audio is home entertainment
Inside, outside and everywhere in between, whole-house entertainment systems distribute fun throughout your home.
Imagine all your bulky electronics out of the way, hidden in one location, like a media closet, completely out of sight.
Now think about coming home, pressing a button and music fills the air. What will it be? Classical for relaxation after a stressful day; rock to get the blood flowing; or how about a favorite satellite radio channel while cooking dinner?
Meanwhile your spouse is working out to his/her favorite tunes at the other end of the house. Your kids are in the home theater room with five of their friends watching the latest bluray DVD. All this from one system, easily controlled from keypads, touchscreens or remote controls.
Gone are the stacks of stereos littering each surface. Say goodbye to big box speakers that look alien, no matter how modern your furniture is. This is what you see. What you get is so much more.

Multi-room audio is music to live by. It’s what you want when entertaining, relaxing or spending time together as a family.
Your life is more than photos pasted into a scrapbook. It’s moments made up of music, laughter, friends and family.
Because memories are more than just images.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where are we located?

We are located at the north end of Wolf road in the town of colonie between Starbucks and Moe’s. About 2 miles from the Albany International Airport. One of the best commercial locations in the capital district with easy access to and from. Easy to see from the road too!